Reaching that goal is just the start because our accountants are built for the construction industry.

Are you a builder, tradie, civil works contractor, or involved in another construction-related business struggling with issues like:

  • Paying too much tax
  • Finding it hard to manage multiple projects at once.
  • Have little or no money in the bank
  • Struggling to get paid from your customers.
  • Don’t know if you’re business making a profit, or even covering costs.
  • Struggling to keep on top of bookkeeping and paperwork.
  • Finding it hard to grow.
Then our construction-specialist accountants are here to work with you in resolving these challenges.

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We’re not just your regular accountants doing the books; we understand how job sites work and all the challenges that come with running a business there.

“We’ve been with Pallium for just over two years, and they’ve been amazing. Our turnover has more than quadrupled and our fleet size of earthmoving equipment has doubled, all thanks to their solid advice and understanding of our goals. They take the time to really listen and make the financial side clear and easy to understand, which has been a huge help in making smart business decisions. We definitely recommend Pallium to any construction business looking to grow or improve efficiency.”

CDA Group

Chad Anderson – Managing Director

“Pallium Accountants helped us restructure the way we manage jobs so that we can quite easily control pluming works on multi-tower tenders. Highly recommended.”

Soneta Plumbing

Steven Dib – Director

“After 12 years with Pallium as our accountants, we’ve recently decided to close our business for lifestyle reasons. Throughout this time, Pallium stood by us in both good times and tough periods like COVID, the extended rains in 2022, and rising material costs. Their support was crucial in helping us navigate these industry-wide challenges. We’re grateful for their guidance and wholeheartedly recommend Pallium to any construction business seeking reliable and knowledgeable accounting support.”
Dontarna Concreting

Chris Citroni – Managing Director

Accountants that actually return my phone calls and meet deadline. Try and find that in the construction game.”

Designcorp Architects

Joe El-Sabbagh - Managing Director

“When I launched Brickwood Homes, it was just a small operation with a few minor projects. Two years into our partnership with Pallium Construction Accountants, we’ve transformed dramatically. Today, we’re managing over 50 active jobs simultaneously. The secret behind this growth? Comprehensive management of every project detail – from budgeting and tracking progress to forecasting costs to complete the jobs. Thanks to Pallium Construction Accountants, we’re not just efficiently managing our projects; we also have a real-time, bird’s eye view of our entire business. Their expertise has been a game changer for us.”

Brickwood Homes

Albert Chahda

“I’ve run my plumbing business for over 20 years and partnered with Pallium for the last 10. They’ve been a big help, especially last year when they showed us, we had too many staff. After some smart changes, we’re now saving thousands every week on labour costs, which has really boosted our profits. Super happy with the results and the help from Pallium!”

RNB Plumbing

Rony Boustani – Managing Director

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