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Tax and Compliance – The Basics, Done Better


Asset Protection and Business Structuring – Keeping You Safe


Understanding Your Business – tools and resources for better decision making

Our Services at Pallium Construction Accountants

At Pallium Construction Accountants, we’re more than just accountants. We offer smart tax planning, protect your business, and give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in the construction industry.


1. Tax and Compliance – The Basics, Done Better

  • Smart Tax Planning
    We don’t just do taxes; we minimise tax and plan for it in advance. This helps our clients know what to expect and avoid any tax surprises


  • Easy-to-Understand Tax Returns
    We explain tax returns in a way that’s easy to understand. This helps our clients learn more about their business and ensures everything is correct before we file them.

2. Asset Protection and Business Structuring – Keeping You Safe

  • Custom Structures for Construction Risks
    We create sophisticated business structures to protect against the unique risks in construction. This means better protection from modern business challenges.


  • Multi-layered Asset Protection
    We develop customised structures aimed at three key goals: effective tax minimisation, robust asset protection, and sustainable growth. Our multi-faceted approach ensures that clients’ assets are shielded through various protective measures, aligning with their long-term objectives and business strategies.

3. Understanding Your Business – tools and resources for better decision making

  • Tools for Job Tracking
    We equip clients with cutting-edge tools to track and manage job performance. Our operational dashboards provide real-time insights into job completion rates, budget adherence, invoicing status, and remaining job costs. This information is crucial for effective job site management and strategic decision-making.

  •  Helping You Make Smart Choices
    We love helping clients understand their business better. By giving them detailed information, we help them make good decisions for their business’s future.  
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  • To accelerate your cash flow, we answer questions like:
  • How will your profits change if construction takes longer?
  • How can you best keep on top of your cashflow so that construction runs smoothly?
  • How will an interest rate rise effect your holding costs?
  • Should you sell or hold your completed development site or both?
  • How does GST impact your property purchase?
  • Do you proportion GST on construction costs?
  • Is there any GST relief for property sales, i.e. margin scheme?
  • Are your accounts compliant with Home Warranty Insurance requirements?
  • What types of jobs are the most profitable to your business?
  • How can you reduce call-back and defect rates?
  • How can you collect payments quicker?

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