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Tax and Compliance (The boring stuff)

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Asset protection and Structuring

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Job Costing, Cashflow and Operations Support

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KPI Analysis and Dashboard reporting

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Strategy, budgeting and forecasting

How We Rebuild Construction Businesses

Tax and Compliance (The boring stuff) – Any accountant can prepare a tax return; but not all can tax plan. We’ll prepare an annual forecast with you and estimate your annual tax obligations. From there we’ll use our construction specific tax knowledge to minimise your tax liability and ensure you have the relevant funds aside so that you do not experience cashflow problems when its time to pay.

Asset protection and Structuring – Whether you’re a tradie running a business or a developer building apartments, we’ll help you structure your operations with three ends in mind; asset protection, tax minimisation and growth. We don’t just look where your business is at today, we consider where you’re taking it tomorrow and help you build a structure that sets the foundation for your business’ success.

Job Costing, Cashflow and Operations Support – Here we monitor the progress of each construction job, its % of completion vs what has been invoiced, budgets in comparison to actual cost, and finally, cashflow and efficiency to ensure that all your jobs are profitable.

KPI Analysis and Dashboard reporting – We understand that most construction business owners hate the numbers and admin side of the business. Here we break down the key numbers that impact the success of your business and present them to you in a way that is understandable, practical, and useful so that you can make informed business decisions.

Strategy, budgeting and forecasting – We don’t believe that construction business owners should “just be making a living”. Construction businesses should be booming. We’ll help your business thrive by working with you to build a growth strategy, budget and forecast the strategy, and then track it on an ongoing basis to ensure we meet the goals we set out to achieve

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  • To accelerate your cash flow, we answer questions like:
  • How will your profits change if construction takes longer?
  • How can you best keep on top of your cashflow so that construction runs smoothly?
  • How will an interest rate rise effect your holding costs?
  • Should you sell or hold your completed development site or both?
  • How does GST impact your property purchase?
  • Do you proportion GST on construction costs?
  • Is there any GST relief for property sales, i.e. margin scheme?
  • Are your accounts compliant with Home Warranty Insurance requirements?
  • What types of jobs are the most profitable to your business?
  • How can you reduce call-back and defect rates?
  • How can you collect payments quicker?


Most businesses fail due to lack of planning, accountability and implementation. We work with you to plan for and accommodate growth by:

  • Preparing a strategy to meet your vision
  • Create and implement lines of accountability (who does what and when)
  • Setting periodic goals and tasks, and monitor action plans
  • Establish a value-based ‘unfair advantage’ (why and how your business is better than your competitors) and help you effectively communicate that value
  • Make changes where necessary to overcome challenges and enhance efficiency


Bottlenecks and poor workflows have an adverse effect on your growth, profitability and efficiency. Our automations help you transition from one growth spurt to another and achieve more in less time by:
  • Mapping out current business processes and identifying gaps
  • Implementing systems and processes to improve efficiency
  • Automating business functions.
  • Introducing dashboards to track performance
  • Allowing the business to run with less dependence on you


A strategy is a starting point, but you must measure things… to improve. We keep your numbers up to date, accurate and in real-time so any decisions you make are informed ones, by:
  • Keeping your numbers up-to-date, accurate and in real-time
  • Regularly measuring, interpreting and tracking the key drivers that impact your cashflow 
  • Reviewing and improving pricing strategies, to increase revenue streams

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