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We understand the unique complexities of the construction industry, and we service NO other industry!

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Tax and Compliance (The boring stuff)

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Asset protection and Structuring

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Job Costing, Cashflow and Operations Support

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Strategy, budgeting and forecasting

About Pallium Construction Accountants


We are specialists, are one focus is the Construction Industry! We are unique!

We take the time to dig down to understand you and your business, find its real problems and then bring our specialist knowledge to offer solutions for now and for the future.

Likewise, we know that the most important thing to every construction company is to finish every job, on time and to budget!

Furthermore, we help and pave the way for you to achieve that goal. We work with you to improve profitability, then make those profits work for you, your business and your future.


Your chaos will disappear.

Your numbers will transform.

Your life will change by having more control, certainty and most of all… the peace of mind that comes from an accelerated cash flow.

“Cash is the key. Most people think its profit that drives their business… but that’s far from the truth. It’s cashflow that determines the health of a business and its ability to grow.”

~ John Maklouf, Founder, Pallium Accounting


Your business will be restructured, implemented and managed… so you end up with increased productivity and profitability.”


You’ll get focus, direction and more certainty about your future.


The chaos you’re working in, will disappear – replaced by efficient, consistent systems.

Accounting In Construction


In an industry notorious for quiet ‘bean counters,’ John Maklouf never fitted the mould. Larger than life and having a keen eye for success, in 2009 he took his 10+ years’ experience and opened his first accounting business. Almost instantly, he went from 50 to 900 clients, won the Nine Network Small Business of the year award and best professional services of the year award.

But his success-touch outgrew him and by 2014, he’d hit an impasse. Like many of his favoured clients, he wasn’t geared for scalable growth. And he and his team were overstretched, losing control and unable to consistently deliver the standard of value they’d set.

Drawing on lessons learned, in the ensuing four years he sold his business, (restructured in 2014, sold in 2016 and re-opened in late 2017) restructured and opened a specialist accountancy service for property developers. His natural affinity for property and construction numbers, attracted one of the largest private developers in Australia and by 2017 success returned, with a tight clientele of 120 multi-million-dollar construction businesses.

With the 50 top clients John had kept in 2016, he transformed the business – doubling its turnover, reducing work hours and changing lives… including his own.

Pallium Construction Accountants now delivers the same transformation, to ambitious, multi million-dollar construction businesses.

Our debtor’s collection systems improved a client’s cash flow by 25% pa
Our value-based growth strategies helped a client to grow by 50% over 3 years
  • INCREASE PROFITs 18% 18%

Our pricing restructure strategies for a client added 18% extra profit margin

  • GET TIME BACK 75% 75%
Our system automations reduced a client’s office days, from 4 to 1, a 75% reduction


We’re more than accountants, who just run your books.

You’ll also get focus, direction, and more certainty about cash flow and the future of your construction business.

Accountants that actually return my phone calls and meet deadline. Try and find that in the construction game.”

Designcorp Architects

Joe El-Sabbagh - Managing Director

“Pallium Accountants helped us restructure the way we manage jobs so that we can quite easily control pluming works on multi-tower tenders. Highly recommended.”

Soneta Plumbing

Steven Dib – Director

“After a strategy day with the Pallium team, I got a better understanding of the margins in my quoting and was able to price customers based on value. This added 7% to my overall profit margins.”

Crows Nest Flooring

Faez – Director

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